the new Migratie Museum Migration in Brussels acquires a work by Thomas Israel


the new Migratie Museum Migration in Brussels acquires "There is no spoon" by Thomas Israel : There is no spoon is a playful experience, an exquisite corpse video that recomposes itself constantly. The pan memorizes the faces that have plunged into it to mix them with the face of the last comer. With this interactive installation Thomas Israel transforms the individual portrait into a broader portrait, that of a community living the same experience. By having fun with his/her multiple and evolving identities, the visitor experiences impermanence, a dissolution of the ego. He also enriches the work with his/her face to compose a virtual and multicultural group, a big melting pot. There is no spoon was made in 2007 with the support of the Commission of Digital and Technological Arts of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Technical support : Thierry Sablon in the blacksmith workshop of Polo Vanden Bossche