John Yuyi

Emerging artist John Yuyi belongs to the millennial generation, and she is also the creator of its art and culture. Her creativity and fame are deeply rooted in the influence of the internet and its phenomena. In John Yuyi’s highly characterized photography works, we can expect to discover everyday internet symbols, youthful faces and bodies, hidden yet candid anxiety, worship toward the impact of the internet, and the curiosity, exploration, and thinking of what is identity. It is not necessary to define John Yuyi’s social identities. Behind the camera, she is a photographer, fashion designer, and art director. In front of the camera, she is a model and performance artist. On the internet, she is a social media celebrity as well as piece of artwork. In the beginning of her art career, John Yuyi studied fashion design at Shih Chien University in Taiwan. She started selling her own swimwear collection on social media and promoted herself as the designer, model, and self-portrait photographer after graduation. The stages of John Yuyi are social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Weibo. Within their striving ecosystem, John Yuyi has trained herself to become sensitive about visual expression and trending topics, and has become capable of how to design and market herself. While being loyal to her personality, John Yuyi’s online appearance never remains the same.




  • + Data Dating
    48 color pages booklet, ISBN 978-2-9541000-6-7
    - Galerie Charlot Èdition


Face Messenger

by John Yuyi, Tom Galle

Acrylic Print
60 x 90 cm

Tinder VR

by John Yuyi, Moises Sanabria, Tom Galle

Video and acrylic print
30 x 40 cm